Introducing Me!

Hello everyone! My name is Lauren Sauser. I have just finished up my first year in the elementary education program at the University of Regina and am taking EDTC 300 this spring in order to advance my knowledge and skills when it comes to the use of technology! I have a basic understanding of technology but would love to learn more about how to create a positive online identity and how I can utilize technology in my future classroom.

I was born and raised in the small town of Eston Saskatchewan. I have always been very active in sports, playing soccer and baseball as a young child, as well as basketball, volleyball, badminton and dance! I have also coached numerous youth baseball teams and spent my senior year of high school volunteering as a dance instructor. I was also very active within my school, volunteering for both Jr. and Sr. SRC for 6 years, serving as vice president in grade 11 and president in grade 12! I also attended the SLC (student leadership conference) in my senior year! One of my favourite contributions to my school was my position on the yearbook for 3 years, where I acted as senior editor. My time in school has always been full of activity and I am happy to carry that into University!

I have personally always known that I wanted to become a teacher. My mother was an elementary school teacher and she is my inspiration. Watching her for all these years has instilled a passion for learning and helping others within me. In my senior year of high school, I did an internship in Kindergarten-Grade 4 classrooms and it was clear to me immediately that this was how I wanted to spend the rest of my life!

Prior to this course, I have never blogged before in my life! I am slightly hesitant because although I love to express myself in different ways, I am very self-conscious and indecisive. I am hoping that blogging allows me to break out of my shell and learn to be more confident! I have read numerous blogs before and I believe that they are a great tool for learning and sharing with others! Blogs allow for people to express themselves, share their knowledge, and make connections with all kinds of people that they otherwise wouldn’t know! Blogs can cover such a wide range of topics and the sky truly is the limit when it comes to what you want to blog about! I am looking forward to learning more about blogging in general and hopefully pick up a few tips and tricks along the way!

Twitter is a form of social media that I am familiar with and quite enjoy using. My professional twitter page is very new but I hope to quickly add to it by sharing and interacting with others! Twitter is such an amazing way to connect with people and form new relationships! I am a very shy person so I love the confidence that Twitter allows me to have!

Although I have always believed that face-to-face interactions are the best form of communication, I cannot ignore the increase in technology within society, specifically in terms of education. Classrooms now hace laptops, Ipads, smartboards and so much more! We have come such a long way in terms of techonolgy and things aren’t slowing down any time soon! I cannot wait to learn more about how to incorporate technology into my education, career, and life in general!

That’s me! Thanks for reading and I hope you stay tuned and follow this journey of mine!

-Lauren Sauser


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