Learning Project Introduction: Lets Get Baking!

Hello Everyone!

When I first read the syllabus for EDTC 300, I was immediately intrigued by the learning project portion of the class! I love the idea of being able to choose something that interests you and learn more about it through technology! I was initially overwhelmed at the idea of what to choose, as I understand that we need to spend 30-40 hours learning this skill! After some heavy thinking and input from others, I have finally made a decision! My learning project is going to be…..baking! More specifically, I would like to learn how to decorate cakes and cupcakes using different techniques and tools! I would also love to experiment with some flavours in order to create cakes that both look and taste delicious! I have had my fair share of baking fails and I know that I will likely experience many more, but that won’t stop me from trying, so bare with me folks! My goal for the end of the class is to be able to bake and decorate a variety of complex cakes and cupcakes using different methods and tools! I want to be able to create beautiful, detailed, clean, and creative desserts that look as good as they taste!

I feel that this is the perfect learning project for me because it is something that I am interested in and I know that I can learn a lot about it through technology! Baking and decorating are useful skills because everyone loves sweets of some kind and I love to share my creations with others! The skills I learn for this project will be ones I carry throughout the rest of my life and will continue to expand on after the class has ended!

Starting Point:

I personally have a lot of experience with baking in general. I have been baking ever since I was a little girl and some of my best memories were of myself baking with my grandma! It has always been something that has allowed me to relax and enjoy myself (and satisfy my sweet tooth in the process)! In terms of decorating, my experience is not nearly as advanced. I have made cakes and cupcakes before, but more often than not I find it easier to just grab a knife and spread frosting on quickly (by the way, is there anything that a spoon full of sprinkles can’t fix?). I would love to learn more tricks and tips for using an icing bag and other decorating tools! I also tend to stick to the same basic chocolate and vanilla flavoured cakes and would like to step out of my comfort zone and attempt some more creative and interesting flavours! I have a lot of decorating tools that I have collected over the years but if I am being truthful, I don’t know how to use half of them! By the end of this course, I hope to have at least a basic understanding of how to use all of them!

My Plan:

Each week, I plan on baking and decorating cakes and cupcakes using techniques that are new to me. Although I am not certain as to what I will create for each week, i know for a fact that I will find a lot fo my inspiration from Pinterest! I have also found a few Youtube channels that I think will have some great tutorials to use:

I will start by learning some of the basics before I jump into actually constructing cakes! For my first attempt, I am going to be practicing using different icing tips in order to create different designs and textures. I will also attempt to introduce myself to using fondant (moldable icing) because I know that it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for decorating! After I feel comfortable with the basics, I plan on starting on my first cakes and cupcakes! The cakes I will attempt will become increasingly difficult and complex as the weeks pass by! I know that this is going to be very difficult but I have a lot of patience and feel that I am up for the challenge! 

All my decorating supplies ready to go!

Stay tuned because life is about to get a whole lot sweeter for this girl!

-Lauren Sauser




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