A Look At Feedly

This week we were introduced to a website called Feedly. I have heard of this website before but I never actually took the time to check it out! I spent some time searching around the site and although it is new to me, I can already tell that I am going to be a huge fan! It is such an interesting and convenient website for anyone looking for articles on any topic they could dream of! I had no idea that websites like this existed and I can’t wait to explore it even more. I really like the variety of blogs that are listed and it’s a great way to locate articles that are applicable to you as a reader rather than having to read through hundreds of articles before finding one that interests you.

With the free account version of Feedly, you can create 3 different feed boards. My first 2 boards were easy to decide on. The first board I created is titled Edtech because I know it will be useful for this course to have access to blogs and articles that can help me expand on my understanding of technology’s role in education. I was able to find these articles by searching #edtech.  The second board I created is all about my learning project, which is baking. One of my biggest concerns with choosing baking as my learning project was that I didn’t know how to access other baking blogs, but now I have a great source for doing just that! I was able to find a variety of blogs by searching #baking and #cake. With one feed board left to create, I had to do some serious thinking on what to choose! After searching things such as #education and #classrooms, I was able to decide on creating a board with blogs that can help contribute to my future classroom and teaching style. This board will be useful to me both now and as I progress towards my teaching degree!





The first blog that immediately caught my interest was TED-Ed. I am a huge fan of Ted Talks, so the idea of being able to use them for educating myself and others seems like a great idea! After looking through some of the videos, I know for a fact that this is a wonderful video blog website to follow. I personally feel that this blog is a great tool for teachers at all stages and of all grades. The videos range from simple mathematics to explaining scientific theories and historic events! Whether you are teaching math, english, science, arts, or anything else, you are sure to find a Ted-Ed video that can aid you in your educating!

Another one of my favourite blogs that I have followed so far is called Clutter-Free Classroom.  I have to admit that I absolutely love organizing things and am a bit of a neat freak when it comes to almost everything! This blog seems to have a lot of different resources that provide tips for organizing lesson plans and the classroom in general. Considering how I am in the elementary education program, this blog seems to be a good fit for me because the posts are mainly for elementary teachers. The blog also has links to buy and share different classroom materials and decorations, something I have always been interested in myself! I was even able to find a few posts that talk about how teachers can ensure they are taking good care of themselves because I know for a fact that the job can become very stressful and it is always a good idea to have a variety of coping mechanisms available to ensure your own health. I will definitely be saving this blog for my classroom and I know I will be able to utilize it!

Overall, I found Feedly to be relatively easy to use and I think that anyone can get the hang of it with a little practice. I love how it allows me to connect to so many blogs and articles so quickly and I will definitely be using this site again!



2 thoughts on “A Look At Feedly

  1. andreabregg says:

    You sound so passionate about this site, which is awesome because it has so much potential to be used in almost any direction! I checked out the clutter free classroom and it does look really great, thanks for putting that one out there!


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