The Great EdTech Debate: Social Media Ruining Childhood

In this week’s EDTC400 Great EdTech Debate, I will be going up against Kylie Lorenz, in which I will be arguing that social media is ruining childhood. This post will provide you with access to my debate video, required readings, as well as additional sources of information to further your understanding on the topic. I can’t wait to deliver my debate on Tuesday!

My Debate Video

Required Readings 

“Smartphones and Anxious Kids: Mental Health Issues and the iGeneration”
 This article by Melissa Riddle Chalos identifies the many ways in which smartphones and social media are impacting adolescents’ mental health. Chalos identifies how this generation of children, also known as Gen Z or the iGeneration, have lived their entire lives with smartphones and social media and therefore don’t know what life is like without them. The article addresses how everything adolescents and teens do now revolves around their smartphones and social media accounts, which leads to addiction, poor social skills, cyberbullying, depression, suicide and other negative physical and mental health concerns.

“Is New Technology and Social Media Ruining Our Children’s Lives?”
This article discusses the ways in which children of this generation are experiencing a childhood that differs greatly from the childhood that was experienced 20 years ago. The article explores how the popularization of technology and social media has changed the way children conduct their day-to-day lives. With children beginning to engage in social media at a younger age than ever before, the article addresses the dangers that these children are facing due to their early exposure and over reliance on social media.

“Cyberbullying: Social Media And Teen Depression”
This article by Mary Sauer explores the connection between social media use and cyberbullying. Sauer identifies how excessive exposure to social media increases the risks of cyberbullying and depression in children and teens. The article also provides suggestions as to how to combat these negative impacts of social media use through education, restrictions and privacy precautions. Sauer focuses on the role of the adults in children’s lives in monitoring and regulating social media use and cyberbullying.

Additional Articles

“Social Media and Teens: How Does Social Media Affect Teenagers’ Mental Health”
“The Dangers of Social Media That No One Likes to admit”
“Social Media Destroying Youth’s Lives”
“PureSight Online Child Safety – Real Life Cyberbullying Stories with Devastating Consequences”

Additional Viewings

“TedTalk: Teens and Social Media”
“Can We AutoCorrect Humanity?”



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