Educational Philosophy

I believe…..

I believe that education is the basis from which all knowledge is formed and it is therefore a crucial component to every child’s life. This concept of education occurs within all environments, whether we realize it or not. It is important to understand that the education that children are provided with today will be the basis from which they further explore their thoughts, ideas, concepts and the world itself.

I believe that there is no single form of education to suit every child. Children grasp, understand, and internalize information in different ways and these differences should be supported and embraced.

I believe that a healthy teacher-student relationship is vital to a child’s education. Students should be able to trust their teachers and feel safe in their learning environment.

I believe that teachers have the power and obligation to impact children’s lives in a positive way and provide them with the knowledge and support that is needed to succeed.

I believe that is important for teachers to adopt a growth mindset. In order to be an effective educator, we must first overcome our fears of being wrong and making mistakes. Teachers must recognize that they need to be life-long learners, always willing and ready to learn from and alongside their students.

Above all, I believe that the difference between a good teacher and a great teacher is a passion for the art of teaching itself. A good teacher will teach, but a great teacher will do more than that. A great teacher will touch the lives of his/her students and evoke a love of learning within them.

~Lauren Sauser