Kahoot: Bringing Together Education & Play

This week we were encouraged to do some research on an app that we were unfamiliar with. As soon as we began discussing some options, an idea immediately popped into my head! I decided that I wanted to take a closer look at the app/website called Kahoot! I have some experience playing Kahoot games in both high school and university classes, yet I don’t have a extensive understanding of how the app actually works or what it is capable of in terms of education.

I did a google search in order to find the Kahoot.com website and then visited their “What is Kahoot” page.  It was here that I found out that the purpose of Kahoot is to allow educators (or anyone who pleases) to be able to create learning games that allow students to interact via technology. Whether creating quizzes that test course content or simply surveying a group of students, Kahoot has multiple educational uses.

How to Use Kahoot:

  • Signing Up: Before creating or searching for a Kahoot, you must first sign up as either a teacher, student, socially, or at work. You then choose how you want to sign up (google, microsoft, or email).






You will then be prompted to create a username and fill in other basic information. The process is very simple and easy to follow so you shouldn’t have any trouble setting up an account.

  • Creating & Searching for Kahoots:

Below I have attached a video that I created using Screencastify with step-by-step instructions on how to make your own Kahoot, as well as how to  search for Kahoots made by others.

You can find a more extensive description of all the different ways to play Kahoot by following this link here.

Important Notes:

  • Kahoot.com is used for making and searching for Kahoots, while Kahoot.it is used for players to type in the game PIN and participate.
  • While Kahoot is a great tool for teachers, anyone can use it!
  • Kahoot is FREE!

App Review


  • Very easy to use/create (step-by-step instruction)
  • Increases student engagement (fast-paced, exciting)
  • Exposes children to friendly competition
  • Incorporates visual, sound, and textual components
  • Allows for the use of technology in the classroom
  • Encourages students to share ideas and communicate with each other
  • Teachers can track student engagement and progress
  • Can be used to combat test anxiety (less stressful)
  • Students can create their own Kahoots to show their knowledge
  • Connecting students and teachers around the world

This is a video I found on YouTube that shows how students of all ages and from all around the world can participate and enjoy Kahoot in the classroom!


  • Some schools/students may not have the devices needed to participate
  • Some students may get distracted while using electronic devices
  • The wifi connections must be strong in order to have many students participate at one time

Kahoot In The Classroom:

As you can see from my lists above, Kahoot’s strengths greatly outnumber it’s weaknesses. Kahoot can be an amazing tool for teachers because it is a whole new way to educate students in a way that they both enjoy and benefit from. No matter what subject is being taught, Kahoot can be used to assist all teachers. Kahoot’s flexibility means that it can be used for classes of all ages. People who are 6 years old can enjoy the app just as much as those who are 16 or even 60! When it comes to Kahoot, the sky really is the limit.

In relation to the SAMR Model, which is used to assist teachers in incorporating technology into the classroom, I believe that Kahoot would fit under the Augmentation category! The app/website replaces basic paper and pencil work and relies on the use of technology to be more efficient and approachable by both students and educators alike.

Final Thoughts:

I am now a huge fan of Kahoot! Having had the opportunity to play, create, and search for different Kahoots, I can say with confidence that this is one tool that all teachers should try out! It’s simple to use and the students absolutely love it! I think that it is rare to be able to find methods of educating students that are equally enjoyable and productive! With this in mind, I believe that programs like Kahoot are too good not to utilize.

**NOTE: If you have any trouble with Kahoot, I encourage you to check out their frequently asked question page here! Any question that I had was already answered by reading what others shared!

I would love to hear what everyone else has to say about Kahoot! Don’t be afraid to leave your thoughts in the comments!

-Happy Kahooting!


My First Cupcake Creation!

Hey Everyone!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my learning project and started searching the internet for different baking and decorating ideas! Pinterest has been my go-to website because there are so many amazing ideas and creations! I especially love how people are able to post comments and picture reviews about the recipes and decorating techniques they have tried! These comments allow for the reader to see how successful others were in following the recipes and whether or not different modifications need to be made in order to achieve the best results! The comments also allow for people to share tips and tricks, something I find to be very helpful!

After pinning a handful of ideas, I found a link to a website called The Scran Line. When I visited this website, my jaw dropped! The website features different cake and cupcake tutorials with step-by-step videos and recipes! While this is something many baking websites do, I can assure you that this is no ordinary website! The cakes and cupcakes are beyond amazing! The flavour combinations and extravagant decorations are enough to make anyone drool! The only problem I had now was deciding which recipe to try first…!

Considering how it was my mom’s birthday on the weekend, I decided that I would let her pick what kind of cupcakes I would be making! Her decision was easily made as soon as she saw the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes!

These cupcakes consist of a chocolate cake base, peanut butter chips, a fluffy peanut butter buttercream frosting, a chocolate filling, and topped with chopped peanuts and peanut butter cups! The description alone is enough to make your mouth water!

Okay enough chatting, let’s get started!

Step 1: Making the Cupcakes

The first step in creating these cupcakes was to gather my ingredients for the chocolate cupcake base! The recipe calls for:





I used a food scale to measure my ingredients out but if you don’t have one, you can click here and it will take you to a website that allows you to convert the measurements so they are easier to use! Using measuring cups is what i prefer but I also know that using a scale is a lot more accurate when it comes to baking measurements!

I started by mixing my dry ingredients in my stand mixer. Once the ingredients were combined, I added the softened butter. Finally, I added the wet ingredients and mixed until well combined! I made sure to stop the mixer and scrape down the sides to ensure all the ingredients were incorporated well.


I then used an ice cream scoop to fill the cupcake liners 3/4 of the way. The ice cream scoop is a great tool because it ensures that all of the cupcakes are filled to the same level and will therefore all bake evenly! The recipe calls for sprinkling peanut butter chips on top of the cupcakes before baking but I didn’t have any so I went without them in hopes of the frosting to bring enough peanut butter flavour! I then placed the cupcakes in the oven at 350 degrees and let them bake for about 18 minutes.

*Note: the recipe calls for the cupcakes to bake for 20-25 minutes but my oven gets really hot so they didn’t take that long. I recommend watching the baking process closely to make sure they don’t burn!

Chocolate Heaven!

I baked the cupcakes the night before I decorated them so they had time to cool. If you plan on doing everything in one day make sure you let the cupcakes cool or the frosting will melt and you’ll have a big mess!

Step 2: Preparing the Frosting, Filling, and Toppings

  • After beating the butter for a few minutes, I slowly added the icing sugar and vanilla. I allowed the icing to mix for 4-5 minutes until it became light and fluffy! I then stirred in 3 (generous) tablespoons of peanut butter and voila! We now have fluffy peanut butter buttercream frosting!


  • Chocolate Filling: I then made my chocolate filling, which was super easy! I combined my chocolate, cream, brown sugar, and vanilla and microwaved it! Simple, yet delicious!



  • Toppings: The toppings were very easy to make! I just chopped a handful of peanuts and 8 mini peanut butter cups!

Step 3: Assembling the Cupcakes!

Now that I have prepared all my components, it’s time to assemble my cupcakes. I cleared off a large space on the counter and set up my supplies. The video below is a walkthrough of my decorating process!

Final Thoughts & Comments:

Thanks for following my first cupcakes decorating adventure! I am quite pleased with the way things turned out and think that this was the perfect choice for a first attempt!

Things I would do differently:

  1. Use a different piping tip: although I used the piping tip that the recipe recommends, I would use a different tip in order to create more of a design! This wouldn’t actually change the cupcake that much but I think they would look fancier!
  2. Make the hole for the filling shallower: I think i made the hole too deep in the cupcake because the filling went all the way to the bottom of the cupcake when it was supposed to stop in the middle
  3. Remember the peanut butter chips: I thought that the peanut butter frosting would make up for the missing peanut butter chips but I would recommend using the chips because the chocolate flavour is almost overpowering the peanut butter flavour without them.

Difficulty level: 3/10 (easy)

Would I make again: YES!

All in all, this cupcake attempt was a huge success! My mom loved them and so did everyone else who tried them! They are super sweet so if you aren’t into sweet things these aren’t the cupcakes for you! I loved The Scran Line website and will be using it again in the future! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my next baking adventure!

-Lauren Sauser






Twitter: A Tool for Teachers!

This week in my EDTC 300 class I was encouraged to explore a form of social media called Twitter. I have a personal Twitter account and have used it for the past few years. I quite enjoy using Twitter because I like the idea of being able to share things with my friends (followers) so quickly and easily. Although I am pretty familiar with the basics of Twitter (hashtags, favourites, etc.), I never considered how it could be used in the classroom or as a tool for professional development. I have always thought of Twitter as another form of social media, such as facebook, that allows people to share different aspects of their life with their friends. However, this opinion of mine has changed greatly after being introduced to the educational opportunities that Twitter offers.

A Place For Twitter In The Classroom:

After doing some research and participating in discussions with others, I have come to understand that Twitter can be an extremely useful tool in the classroom. Teachers are always looking for new ways to approach education and Twitter is a great place for people to learn with and from each other. By using Twitter in the classroom, teachers can connect and share ideas with others and by doing so, create new relationships. Not only does Twitter allow for teachers to connect with each other, but also with parents! Announcements, important dates, assignments, and even student’s work can be shared with parents with the simple click of  a button! Communicating with others online is the quickest and simplest way to stay connected once you get the hang of it!

Technology has become extremely dominant in today’s society and education has been greatly impacted by this. While opinions may vary, there is no denying that the use of technology in the classroom opens up a whole new world of opportunities and Twitter is just one of the many examples of technology bringing people together to enrich education.

My First #SaskEdChat:

This past Thursday, I participated in my first ever #SaskEdChat on Twitter! To be completely honest, I had never heard of #SaskEdChat before and I had no idea what to expect or how to approach it! Thankfully, I was not alone! My EDTC 300 class all gathered on Twitter and joined the large chat that was open to anyone wanting to provide their input and share their ideas with others!

The topic of this particular #SaskEdChat was about the paperless classroom. As the questions were posted, I got to share my opinions on how technology may or may not be able to replace paper in the classroom. The questions asked throughout the chat were very interesting and some of them required a little thinking!

Although I was initially nervous to take part in the chat, I am extremely happy that I did! The chat was very fast paced and tweets were popping up faster than I could monitor but I was able to remain calm and stick with it! I loved having the chance to read other people’s opinions and converse with them! Some comments that were made really opened my eyes to things that I had never considered before. I also appreciated when others commented on my tweets because it showed that they valued my opinions and were interested in deepening the discussion. Even though I did not agree with what everyone else had to say at all times, and I am sure others did not always agree with me, I felt like this was a safe place to share my thoughts with others and it allowed for me to grow as a future educator. I can say with great certainty that I will definitely be joining more #SaskEdChats in the future!

My Final Thoughts On Twitter:

With all things considered, I would have to say that i am on board with the idea of using Twitter in the classroom! I know that there are a lot of people out there who are against the use of Twitter or other forms of social media in the classroom and I completely respect their stance. There are definitely some negatives about the use of social media and technology and although I do believe that there will always be a place for pen and paper in the classroom,  I also cannot ignore the many ways in which the world as we know it is changing! Technology is everywhere and having an understanding of how and when to use it can be extremely important to a child’s education and future. This does not mean that we all have to jump on the Twitter train right away, but I think it smart to be open to the idea!

I for one will be using Twitter in my classroom in the future and I encourage others to give in a chance as well! I have created a professional twitter account and you can follow me here!

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 1.19.10 PM.png

Happy Tweeting!



Beginning With The Basics

Hey Everyone!

Piping Practice:

As I wrote about last week, I have chosen to focus on decorating both cakes and cupcakes for my learning project! I love baking and have a lot of experience with it, but for my first attempt at decorating I decided to take a step back and start with the basics before I jump into actual cake decorating. So for this week, I chose to work on different piping techniques using basic buttercream frosting, as well as introducing myself to the use of fondant, something that is new to me! I started by searching online for different video tutorials on basic icing techniques and although I found many, the best beginner video I found was from the Topless Baker channel! Not only does this video include various icing tips and techniques, but it also has a great step-by-step approach that helps break down the process to make it less intimidating!

First things first, I needed to collect all the supplies I would be needing. As pictured below, I gathered:

  • Buttercream Frosting
  • Wax Paper
  • Tape
  • Paper Templates (tutorial in video below)
  • Icing bags
  • Icing Tips

After tracing out my templates with lines and circles, I taped down each template and covered it with wax paper. (This is a great tip because when you are finished practicing, you can simply scrape the icing off the wax paper and continue using it!) All of the different icing tips I used are Wilton brand and can be found on their website. So, beginning with the 104 Tip, I followed the video in order to create a series of ruffles. This technique is very simple and clean. After practicing a few times, I moved onto my second tip, the french tip! This tip is my favourite out of all the ones i used today because it is easy to use and creates a very cute design! I was really interested to see the different ways in which the angle I was holding my bag would change the design I was piping! I would use this technique for piping the boarders around the edges of a cake. The third tip I used was the 1M Tip, which is one that I have used before. The criss cross pattern that I created was surprisingly easy and I was able to pick up on it without much struggle. The rose on the other hand was a different story! Just as it is explained in the video, this technique took a lot of practice. I got slightly frustrated because the design looks very simple but you have to keep a steady hand in order to create a tight rose design. This was definitely my weakest attempt and I will have to keep on practicing it. The final tip I used was a simple round nozzled tip. I tend to shy away from this tip because it seems quite plain to me, but this video may have changed my mind. I like the idea of not just doing dots, but dragging the dots to create a whole new design! After many failed attempts, I was finally able to complete all the designs! Check out my finished product! It’s not perfect but I’m trying!

After working so hard on these piping techniques, I decided that I would use my leftover frosting to do some freestyle designs with a small rounded tip! I love being creative with my baking so I used some of the techniques I practiced above and put my own little twist on them!


So what did I learn in terms of piping? Well there are 3 main things:

  1. Check your icing consistency: When I first started piping, my icing was not thick enough and it wouldn’t hold when I piped it. I decided to add a little more icing sugar to the icing and it worked like a charm! Also, the longer you hold the icing bag, the warmer the icing gets so popping the whole frosting bag into the fridge for a few minutes can help a lot!
  2. Find you rhythm: One of the most important things to remember when piping is to maintain a consistent rhythm and pace with your piping. If you go to fast, too slow, or change your speed up too much, you won’t end up with your desired design.
  3. Practice practice practice: Some of the designs or piping techniques may look simple, but they aren’t! Don’t get discouraged if you don’t nail it the first time! Just keep practicing and you’ll get it!

Fun With Fondant:

After getting used to using icing, I decided that I would introduce myself to fondant! I have never really used fondant before because I don’t think it tastes very good and I know a lot of people who share the same opinion. Regardless, I know that fondant cakes are really common and fondant is great for creating shapes, figures, and even covering cakes. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone so I went to Michaels Craft Store and picked up a box of fondant! Since I am new to the fondant game, I needed to find a video on how to start! After doing some searching, the beginners fondant tutorial on the Craftsy Cake Decorating channel seemed like the best choice! Here is the video that provides 4 basic tips for using fondant (all of which I didn’t know before)!

Again, I needed to collect the necessary supplies!

  • Fondant
  • Rolling Pin
  • Icing Sugar
  • Pizza Cutter
  • Water
  • Paint Brush
  • Cookie Cutters

I started by colouring my fondant because plain white was too boring for me! Pink and yellow are both bright spring colours so I went with those! I started by sprinkling some icing sugar on my counter and then rolled the fondant out. I recommend also sprinkling icing sugar on the rolling pin because if you don’t, you will end up with a sticky mess! I used some cookie cutters to cut out some different shapes and also just used my hands to create different shapes. The fondant texture reminded me a lot of playdough  and was really easy to mould! I was happily surprised at how simple the process was, or so I thought! Now I may have been getting a little cocky, but I thought that I had done a good job with the fondant and wanted to challenge myself. I found a video on the MyCupcakeAddiction channel on how to make a fondant bow! Here is the video:

This was extremely challenging! The woman in the video makes it look so simple but it’s a lot more complicated than I thought! I think that my first mistake was rolling the fondant too thin. As soon as I started folding the bow, the fondant started to rip. I had to start again and rolled the fondant thicker. This brings us to my second mistake. I used water to glue the fondant into place (just like the video says) but I used way too much and the whole bow became super sticky! I had to start once again..yeah it was at this moment that you could say I was slightly frustrated! My third attempt was by far my best! I followed the video step by step and took my time. My bow was much smaller than the one in the video but I think it still turned out super cute!

While it’s not perfect, you can still tell it’s a bow so I will call this a success! The main things I learnt about using fondant are:

  1. Icing sugar is key: You cannot use fondant without icing sugar! Don’t even attempt it! Cornstarch will work too but I would go with icing sugar if you have it!
  2. Fondant is temperamental: Don’t handle the fondant too much or it will become sticky and you’ll find yourself re-powdering your hands constantly!


Overall, I would say that this week was very enlightening for me! I think it was a good idea to start with the basics before I dive into cakes and cupcakes! I will keep practicing these techniques this week and am looking forward to next week when I will attempt my first cupcakes! Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading & don’t forget that life is sweet!

-Lauren Sauser

A Look At Feedly

This week we were introduced to a website called Feedly. I have heard of this website before but I never actually took the time to check it out! I spent some time searching around the site and although it is new to me, I can already tell that I am going to be a huge fan! It is such an interesting and convenient website for anyone looking for articles on any topic they could dream of! I had no idea that websites like this existed and I can’t wait to explore it even more. I really like the variety of blogs that are listed and it’s a great way to locate articles that are applicable to you as a reader rather than having to read through hundreds of articles before finding one that interests you.

With the free account version of Feedly, you can create 3 different feed boards. My first 2 boards were easy to decide on. The first board I created is titled Edtech because I know it will be useful for this course to have access to blogs and articles that can help me expand on my understanding of technology’s role in education. I was able to find these articles by searching #edtech.  The second board I created is all about my learning project, which is baking. One of my biggest concerns with choosing baking as my learning project was that I didn’t know how to access other baking blogs, but now I have a great source for doing just that! I was able to find a variety of blogs by searching #baking and #cake. With one feed board left to create, I had to do some serious thinking on what to choose! After searching things such as #education and #classrooms, I was able to decide on creating a board with blogs that can help contribute to my future classroom and teaching style. This board will be useful to me both now and as I progress towards my teaching degree!





The first blog that immediately caught my interest was TED-Ed. I am a huge fan of Ted Talks, so the idea of being able to use them for educating myself and others seems like a great idea! After looking through some of the videos, I know for a fact that this is a wonderful video blog website to follow. I personally feel that this blog is a great tool for teachers at all stages and of all grades. The videos range from simple mathematics to explaining scientific theories and historic events! Whether you are teaching math, english, science, arts, or anything else, you are sure to find a Ted-Ed video that can aid you in your educating!

Another one of my favourite blogs that I have followed so far is called Clutter-Free Classroom.  I have to admit that I absolutely love organizing things and am a bit of a neat freak when it comes to almost everything! This blog seems to have a lot of different resources that provide tips for organizing lesson plans and the classroom in general. Considering how I am in the elementary education program, this blog seems to be a good fit for me because the posts are mainly for elementary teachers. The blog also has links to buy and share different classroom materials and decorations, something I have always been interested in myself! I was even able to find a few posts that talk about how teachers can ensure they are taking good care of themselves because I know for a fact that the job can become very stressful and it is always a good idea to have a variety of coping mechanisms available to ensure your own health. I will definitely be saving this blog for my classroom and I know I will be able to utilize it!

Overall, I found Feedly to be relatively easy to use and I think that anyone can get the hang of it with a little practice. I love how it allows me to connect to so many blogs and articles so quickly and I will definitely be using this site again!


Learning Project Introduction: Lets Get Baking!

Hello Everyone!

When I first read the syllabus for EDTC 300, I was immediately intrigued by the learning project portion of the class! I love the idea of being able to choose something that interests you and learn more about it through technology! I was initially overwhelmed at the idea of what to choose, as I understand that we need to spend 30-40 hours learning this skill! After some heavy thinking and input from others, I have finally made a decision! My learning project is going to be…..baking! More specifically, I would like to learn how to decorate cakes and cupcakes using different techniques and tools! I would also love to experiment with some flavours in order to create cakes that both look and taste delicious! I have had my fair share of baking fails and I know that I will likely experience many more, but that won’t stop me from trying, so bare with me folks! My goal for the end of the class is to be able to bake and decorate a variety of complex cakes and cupcakes using different methods and tools! I want to be able to create beautiful, detailed, clean, and creative desserts that look as good as they taste!

I feel that this is the perfect learning project for me because it is something that I am interested in and I know that I can learn a lot about it through technology! Baking and decorating are useful skills because everyone loves sweets of some kind and I love to share my creations with others! The skills I learn for this project will be ones I carry throughout the rest of my life and will continue to expand on after the class has ended!

Starting Point:

I personally have a lot of experience with baking in general. I have been baking ever since I was a little girl and some of my best memories were of myself baking with my grandma! It has always been something that has allowed me to relax and enjoy myself (and satisfy my sweet tooth in the process)! In terms of decorating, my experience is not nearly as advanced. I have made cakes and cupcakes before, but more often than not I find it easier to just grab a knife and spread frosting on quickly (by the way, is there anything that a spoon full of sprinkles can’t fix?). I would love to learn more tricks and tips for using an icing bag and other decorating tools! I also tend to stick to the same basic chocolate and vanilla flavoured cakes and would like to step out of my comfort zone and attempt some more creative and interesting flavours! I have a lot of decorating tools that I have collected over the years but if I am being truthful, I don’t know how to use half of them! By the end of this course, I hope to have at least a basic understanding of how to use all of them!

My Plan:

Each week, I plan on baking and decorating cakes and cupcakes using techniques that are new to me. Although I am not certain as to what I will create for each week, i know for a fact that I will find a lot fo my inspiration from Pinterest! I have also found a few Youtube channels that I think will have some great tutorials to use:

I will start by learning some of the basics before I jump into actually constructing cakes! For my first attempt, I am going to be practicing using different icing tips in order to create different designs and textures. I will also attempt to introduce myself to using fondant (moldable icing) because I know that it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for decorating! After I feel comfortable with the basics, I plan on starting on my first cakes and cupcakes! The cakes I will attempt will become increasingly difficult and complex as the weeks pass by! I know that this is going to be very difficult but I have a lot of patience and feel that I am up for the challenge! 

All my decorating supplies ready to go!

Stay tuned because life is about to get a whole lot sweeter for this girl!

-Lauren Sauser



Introducing Me!

Hello everyone! My name is Lauren Sauser. I have just finished up my first year in the elementary education program at the University of Regina and am taking EDTC 300 this spring in order to advance my knowledge and skills when it comes to the use of technology! I have a basic understanding of technology but would love to learn more about how to create a positive online identity and how I can utilize technology in my future classroom.

I was born and raised in the small town of Eston Saskatchewan. I have always been very active in sports, playing soccer and baseball as a young child, as well as basketball, volleyball, badminton and dance! I have also coached numerous youth baseball teams and spent my senior year of high school volunteering as a dance instructor. I was also very active within my school, volunteering for both Jr. and Sr. SRC for 6 years, serving as vice president in grade 11 and president in grade 12! I also attended the SLC (student leadership conference) in my senior year! One of my favourite contributions to my school was my position on the yearbook for 3 years, where I acted as senior editor. My time in school has always been full of activity and I am happy to carry that into University!

I have personally always known that I wanted to become a teacher. My mother was an elementary school teacher and she is my inspiration. Watching her for all these years has instilled a passion for learning and helping others within me. In my senior year of high school, I did an internship in Kindergarten-Grade 4 classrooms and it was clear to me immediately that this was how I wanted to spend the rest of my life!

Prior to this course, I have never blogged before in my life! I am slightly hesitant because although I love to express myself in different ways, I am very self-conscious and indecisive. I am hoping that blogging allows me to break out of my shell and learn to be more confident! I have read numerous blogs before and I believe that they are a great tool for learning and sharing with others! Blogs allow for people to express themselves, share their knowledge, and make connections with all kinds of people that they otherwise wouldn’t know! Blogs can cover such a wide range of topics and the sky truly is the limit when it comes to what you want to blog about! I am looking forward to learning more about blogging in general and hopefully pick up a few tips and tricks along the way!

Twitter is a form of social media that I am familiar with and quite enjoy using. My professional twitter page is very new but I hope to quickly add to it by sharing and interacting with others! Twitter is such an amazing way to connect with people and form new relationships! I am a very shy person so I love the confidence that Twitter allows me to have!

Although I have always believed that face-to-face interactions are the best form of communication, I cannot ignore the increase in technology within society, specifically in terms of education. Classrooms now hace laptops, Ipads, smartboards and so much more! We have come such a long way in terms of techonolgy and things aren’t slowing down any time soon! I cannot wait to learn more about how to incorporate technology into my education, career, and life in general!

That’s me! Thanks for reading and I hope you stay tuned and follow this journey of mine!

-Lauren Sauser