Super Teacher Worksheets

The website Super Teachers Worksheets has worksheets for every subject (math, science, social, reading, writing, etc.) and is all organized by grade level. This is perfect for any elementary teacher because it provides a variety of pages that fit any lesson plan! The website also allows for teachers to have a template to create their own personalized work sheets.


Classroom Twitter/Facebook Page

Through my experience, I have found that more and more teachers are developing facebook and twitter pages for their classes. They use this as a way to keep in touch with the parents easily. I think this is a great idea because technology has become so dominant in society that most families are on social media. Notes that are sent home often get lost on the way or damaged and therefore electronic formatting is much for efficient!

Prodigy: Math Program For Kids

Another amazing digital program for elementary students is called Prodigy. This website allows for kids to learn math in a fun and educating way. Kids can watch lessons, be asked questions, and play games that align with the concepts they are learning in class. This is a good website for teachers to use for students who are at different levels of understanding or simply want more practise!


Raz Kids

Raz-Kids is by far one of my favourite resources for reading for elementary kids! Not only does it have tons of stories at different reading levels, but it is also interactive in a way that make kids not want to stop reading! I love how kids can log in a work at home when they want to because learning doesn’t stop when you leave the classroom and the fact that kids understand and embrace that is inspiring! The link below will take you to the website for more information if anyone is every wondering! I love it!


Go Noodle: Bringing Fun Into The Classroom

Through my experience in the classroom, I have been introduced to a website called “Go Noodle”. The website has hundreds of educational videos that get students moving and having fun! The reaction that the website receives is amazing! The kids sing along, move to the music and many of the videos are educational too! I find this website to be great to use for when students have a lot of energy and need to move around for a while! I cannot wait to use this website in my classroom and recommend it to all elementary teacher too! Here is one of my favourites so far!