Professional Knowledge

Classroom Internship:

In my last year of high school, I worked in classrooms ranging from Kindergarten go grade 4. The opportunity allowed for me to gain valuable knowledge in relation to pursuing a career in teaching. From this experience, I learnt so many things about the students, myself, and what it means to be a teacher. Some of the most valuable things I learnt include:

  • All students learn in different ways, therefore they must be taught in various ways in order to meet the needs of all students.
  • Students teach the teacher just as much as the teacher teaches them.
  • Not all students come from the same household/background, therefore there are different things to take into consideration when dealing with different kids.
  • Teaching children how to get along, act respectively, and treat others with kindness is just as important as teaching them how to read and write.
  • Students learn at different paces, but that doesn’t mean that the students who take longer to understand a concept are less intelligent than those who catch on right away.
  • Sometimes students will misbehave and act out, but that doesn’t mean they are bad kids.
  • Teachers are so much more than educators. They are parental figures, role models, counsellors and everything in between.
  • The best teachers are those who never give up and always work to ensure the students in their classroom are safe and comfortable.